WELCOME TO THE SHARED BOOTROOM: Your Pre-Loved Boot Membership Hub (10KIDS - 6.5UK)

Kids Growing Like Weeds? No Worries! Say Goodbye to Constant Boot Shopping. Our Monthly Membership Offers Unlimited Swaps, Keeping Them Kitted Out with Ease!

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    Boots will either be up-cycled or fully recycled. No boots will go to landfill!

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When you first join us, you don't just receive a pair of boots; you receive a full experience! We customise your goody box according to your child's favourite team, filling it with treasures like magazines, sealed football stickers, cards, and adorable little big heads. This extra touch adds an exciting layer of joy when your child unwraps their first package, creating a truly memorable experience. It's our warm welcome and heartfelt way of saying thank you for choosing us!


Do I get to choose my boots? 

YES! Once you’ve signed up to our membership & have created an account, you'll get full access to the "Membership Boots” section and from there you can select your pair.

How much does a membership cost? 

The price of a monthly membership is £9.99 which can be cancelled anytime.

What’s included in my membership fee?

Every membership includes:
• Unlimited swaps;
• 7 days a week customer service via Whatsapp, Instagram and email (check out our "Contact Us" section);
• Insurance for the boots (against general wear and tear); and
• Free outbound postage and packaging.

Can I buy a membership for more than one child?

Certainly! Our membership plan is crafted for maximum flexibility. With each membership you acquire for your children, you have the freedom to select any style, colour, and size of studs. You can modify these choices whenever you make a swap, ensuring that they align with your evolving requirements.

How do I swap or return my boots? 

1. Swap your boots whenever your want – when you’re ready to make a swap, under the “Membership Boots” section, select the pair of boots you want to swap for.

2. Return your boots back to us for the pair you selected - Follow these 4 easy steps:
• clean the boots
• select a different pair under the “Membership Boots” section
• post the boots back to us at BootMove, 4 Marsh Close, Bristol BS36 1HY
• once we've received proof of postage, we'll get your next pair sent out to you ASAP so aren't waiting longer than necessary.

We'll please need to see proof of postage before we can send you the swapped pair. Please post the boots to us using the most cost-effective method to assist you in saving money.

If your boots don't fit when you first receive them, you can follow the swap process and we'll get them replaced.

Is postage free?

As a part of your membership, we've got your postage costs covered when we send you your boots. We'll send your boots using Royal Mail tracked delivery service. But when it's time to swap your boots, kindly take care of the postage expenses. We recommend using the most cost-effective method to assist you in saving money.

What condition are the boots in?

All membership pairs are pre-owned. Some have only been tried on, while others have been gently worn. Rest assured, every pair is thoroughly inspected and guaranteed to be in good, wearable condition.

What happens if the boots are damaged? 

We understand that unexpected situations can arise, and our utmost desire is for you to relish your boots without any concerns. That's why we provide insurance to cover reasonable (normal) wear and tear, ensuring your peace of mind.

What does the insurance cover?

Your membership comes with insurance that covers reasonable wear and tear, including scuffs, discolouration, and sole separation. If damage occurs, kindly inform us promptly so that we can take the necessary steps to prevent any further deterioration.

What does the insurance not cover?

Significant damage (e.g. pet chewed boots, personal alterations), lost boots, and theft are not covered by insurance. In those cases, we may have to charge you a fair amount either to repair the item (a repair fee) or replace the item (a charge based on the item’s residual value). But don’t worry! Please email us so that we can discuss and resolve this.

Why is renting better than buying new?

The focus lies in minimising waste and conserving our precious natural resources. While we do offer new boots, they'll enter the BootMove cycle once they've been used and returned. When boots reach the end of their wearable life, we're committed to upcycling or recycling them, preventing them from adding to landfills. To sum it up, this small shift to renting makes a significant positive impact.

Will my membership automatically renew each month?

Yes, if you’d like your membership to continue, you don’t need to do anything. Your membership will roll over for another ‘membership period’, and the payment method we have registered to your account will be charged.

What if I choose to cancel my membership?

Don’t worry! We understand that circumstances change. If you choose not to renew your membership, you can cancel at any time by contacting us. Please return the boots to us at BootMove, 4 Marsh Close, Bristol BS36 1HY and provide us with proof of postage. Once we've received the returned boots, we'll then let you know and process your cancellation.

How do I return the boots once I've cancelled my membership?

Your cancellation will take effect only once your items have been safely returned to us. You need to return any boots to us to arrive on or before the last day of your current membership period to avoid it automatically renewing. Please return the boots to us at BootMove, 4 Marsh Close, Bristol BS36 1HY and provide us with proof of postage.

What if my payment card has expired or has changed?

Please get in touch at thebootmove@gmail.com to let us know so that we can amend the card details we hold for you.

If you don’t realise your card has expired, and payment fails, please don’t worry. Our payment provider will contact you using the email on your account to alert you. Please contact us as soon as you receive that notification so that we can update your card details.

If you choose not to update your details we will cancel your membership. You must return the boots to us immediately at your own cost.

What if my payment fails for another reason?

In the event of a payment failure, there's no need for concern. Our payment provider will reach out to you via the email associated with your account to notify you of the unsuccessful transaction. Kindly get in touch with us promptly through thebootmove@gmail.com or at +44 7923 444 923 so that we can determine the next steps.

If you choose not to resolve the failed payment we will cancel your membership. You must return the boots to us immediately at your own cost.

Does cancelling mean I can’t rent with you again?

Absolutely not. If you want to sign up again, you can purchase a new membership.